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East Bay

The East Bay, also known as Bristol County, consists of three towns along Narragansett Bay: Barrington, Warren, and Bristol. It's known as a quiet area with unparalleled recreational opportunities along the 14-mile East Bay Bike Path, which offers a clear view of upper Narragansett Bay to bicyclists, walkers, and joggers. Leisure is taken very seriously in the East Bay with a love of sports for all ages, a renowned golf course, full parks, gardens, and ample fine dining. During all seasons residents enjoy the fellowship they share with friendly neighbors; and a sense of belonging pervades life in this abundantly waterfront section of the state. Even if you've never been to the East Bay before, you'll feel an uncanny sense of familiarity about it, and once you've lived there, a part of you will always remain.

Market Overview for East Bay


34 (-45.02% )



$599K (0.87% )



$591K (1.06% )


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