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Providence and the East Side

The city of Providence is known for its thriving arts community and has been dubbed the "Creative Capital". Combining the old with the new, some of Providence's residents inhabit historic homes and others live in brand-new highrise condominiums with city views. There's always something going on in the city, including world-class theater, exciting sporting events, and an attraction for both visitors and locals, Waterfire. This art installation, takes place on various dates throughout the warmer months, giving people a chance to stroll down the Providence River lined with bonfires, street performers, and music; think-the opening ceremonies of the 2008 China Olympics, only smaller. Providence is also home to several prominent universities and an eclectic variety of restaurants and cultural venues.

Market Overview for Providence and the East Side


30 (-42.6% )



$354K (-15.21% )



$354K (-12.99% )


Top Region Spots


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