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West Bay

The West Bay area is so deeply original, that it defies conventional labeling. Located on the western side of Narragansett Bay, it exists as so many different things to different people, yet maintains a high level of unity and civic pride. In many ways the West Bay is one of the last few "pure suburbias." Its communities are well suited to those who like a bit of space from the pace of the city, while enjoying the convenience of multiple transportation options. This is why some like to think of the West Bay as the inter-modal hub of Rhode Island. The West Bay Community Action group has made partnerships and worked extensively to support and develop useful services for the area's citizens. To those who desire an affordable, yet modern, suburb with rural touches, the West Bay is a great option, providing a life of quality, serenity, and versatility.

Market Overview for West Bay


41 (72.14% )



$523K (-2.78% )



$511K (-2.37% )


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